Post-Cosmetic Tattooing
an image showing a woman's eye-brows post-micro-needling with and without the RescueMD, can see a clear difference
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Post-Cosmetic Tattooing

Treatment Approach:
  • Post-Aesthetic Procedure Protocol
  • Eyebrow Microblading
Product Used:
Product Used:
DNA Repair Complex (15 ml)
Skin Damage + Scar Treatment Solution

Provider Testimonial

"If you’ve ever had a permanent cosmetics service done, you'll know the feeling at the end of the service that can be described as a stinging, burning, or hot sensation. RescueMD cools the uncomfortable burn after any PMU service immediately.

The top photo was taken without using RescueMD — she's very swollen, red, and very uncomfortable for 1-3 hours after the procedure. She was scrunching her brows because of discomfort. This time, I put RescueMD on right after the service and she had no pain, swelling, redness or weeping.

RescueMD not only feels AMAZING immediately after a service, but using the serum as part of permanent cosmetic aftercare controls lymph buildup, keeps skin moisturized, minimizes scabs, and promotes healthy skin.

The tricky part of microblading is dealing with the first week of healing, with RescueMD my clients have minimal downtime and without large amounts of scabbing. Clients heal in 3-5 days instead of 5-9 days with very light flaking. My medical tattoo clients can see a difference in scars after only 30 days of use. Combined with targeted ink-less camouflage for stretch marks and acne pockmarks and the results are astounding."

Lorraine Artale
Cosmetic Tattoo Specialist & Owner | Cosmedic Studio