a compelling before-and-after image of a woman's face, showcasing the visible reduction of acne blemishes in the 'before' image and the healed and clear skin in the 'after' image after using the RescueMD serum consistently for 12 weeks
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Acne Blemishes | 12 weeks

Treatment Approach:
  • Facial Skincare + Maintenance Protocol
  • Diamond Tip Microdermabrasion
  • LED Light Therapy
Product Used:
Product Used:
DNA Repair Complex (15mL)
Skin Damage + Scar Treatment Solution
My client is very faithful with her at home care, which includes my recommended acne system and DNA Repair Complex. I am so very proud of her and the progress that she has made since adding RescueMD to her treatment and at home care.
Kimberly Taylor
Licensed Esthetician

Full Treatment Timeline

showcasing the complete treatment timeline for a woman's face, starting with the initial condition of prominent acne blemishes, indicating the need for effective treatment. The second image shows the progress after 4 weeks of using our serum, revealing visible improvements in the reduction of acne blemishes. The third and final image demonstrates the remarkable transformation after 12 weeks of consistent use of the RescueMD