Chemical Irritation | 2 Hours
a before and after comparison of a woman's face affected with chemical Irritation, and its healed in after image only after using the RescueMD serum for 2 hours
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Chemical Irritation | 2 Hours

Treatment Approach:
  • Facial Skincare + Maintenance Protocol
Product Used:
Product Used:
DNA Repair Complex (15mL)
Skin Damage + Scar Treatment Solution

User Testimonial

"My dermatologist prescribed tretinoin a few weeks ago and I've been slowly trying to work it into my nighttime routine but I still have been getting irritation (especially around my chin and mouth).

RescueMD has been a lifesaver for the days when I wake up with serious irritation. Within hours after application, the uncomfortable redness / inflammation and peeling are greatly reduced and my skin feels and looks SO much better. Without RescueMD, these side effects usually last at least two days if not more... I'm stunned by the results using RescueMD vs just my normal moisturizer."