Burn | 10 Days
a clear before and after comparison of a man's wrist with a dark burn mark, and in the after image, it healed significantly after using the RescueMD only for 10 days
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Burn | 10 Days

Tags: Burn
Treatment Approach:
  • Scar Treatment Protocol
Product Used:
Product Used:
DNA Repair Complex PRO (120mL)
Skin Damage + Scar Treatment Solution

User Testimonial

"I was making a campfire when a burning stick broke and landed on my arm. Immediately I put it under cold water and applied RescueMD and Aquaphor to keep it moist, but was sure the scarring would be terrible.

After a couple of weeks, the wound started to change color from pink to dark red, but with daily use of RescueMD the skin healed and the damage faded back to normal. Amazing result!"

Steve S.