Acne Blemishes | 2 Weeks
a powerful before-and-after image of a woman's face, showcasing the dramatic improvement in acne blemishes from the 'before' image to the clear and healed skin in the 'after' image after using the RescueMD serum diligently for 2 weeks
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Acne Blemishes | 2 Weeks

Treatment Approach:
  • Facial Skincare + Maintenance Protocol
Product Used:
Product Used:
DNA Repair Complex (15mL)
Skin Damage + Scar Treatment Solution

User Testimonial

"I’ve struggled with cystic acne on and off since my freshman year of college. With cystic acne it’s really important to prevent new blemishes from coming versus existing but for a while, my skin looked like this.

At this stage in my skin journey I finally get to focus on hyperpigmentation from previous breakouts. For the past two weeks I’ve been using RescueMD’s DNA Repair Complex and I’ve seen amazing results. This is the first time I’ve been seeing real progress and I can’t wait to see what my skin looks like in another two weeks."

Olivia C.