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Developed by a Top Doctor that Cares

After 18 years as a plastic surgeon treating thousands of patients struggling with skin damage, Dr. Suzman saw an opportunity to do more.

His patients' daily challenge of 'what product should I use on my damaged skin after surgery?' became his mission.

Determined to deliver a solution to his patients, especially those facing stubborn facial and body scars, Dr. Suzman developed the most complete science driven serum to provide real results and improve the appearance of visible skin damage.

From his practice to your home, Dr. Suzman looks forward to you experiencing the benefits of DNA Repair Complex and improved skin health.

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Our Story is Rooted in Aiding Skin Recovery

To formulate DNA Repair Complex, Dr. Suzman reviewed all of the latest research on clinically-proven ingredients that would comprehensively support the skin.

Working with a team of skincare formulators, he created a treatment gentle enough to apply to patients' sensitive post-procedure skin, and potent enough to provide visibly transformative results.

He started with a blend of firming peptides to help promote collagen growth, nourishing moisturizers to help speed skin recovery, and protective botanical ingredients for free radical defense.

Finally, Dr. Suzman blended a new and exclusive ingredient, lapachol, into his complex. The research showed that lapachol supports skin in repair from stressors like sun damage, acne and injury. And RescueMD DNA Repair Complex was born.

While many products treat the skin at the surface, DNA Repair Complex supports your skin’s DNA for skin that looks healthier, stronger, and more beautiful.

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Powerful Enough for Professional Use

Dr. Suzman has used RescueMD DNA Repair Complex to improve the appearance of skin following over 2,500 plastic surgery procedures.

Working with aestheticians and skin care professionals, RescueMD has worked to incorporate the formula into post-procedure care regimens for those undergoing chemical peels, microneedling, laser skin resurfacing, and other procedures that generate redness and inflammation.

After seeing beautiful, enhanced results for these aesthetic procedures, other skincare professionals — including physicians, nurses, and aestheticians — asked to use RescueMD products on their own clients.

Today you can find DNA Repair Complex in select luxury day spas, high-end med spas, and the ateliers of best-in-class skin experts.

In support of these professionals, RescueMD offers education and protocols for aestheticians and skincare professionals who’d like to help their own patients and clients. We also are building an elite affiliate network of qualified aesthetic leaders, who will receive exclusive educational resources, and more.

If you’re interested in learning more about this team of skincare professionals, please contact us at customercare@rescuemd.com

Putting the 'Care' in Skincare

We help real people with sun damage, scarring and injury. We also believe in helping the many people who this year are waiting in food lines and struggling with economic insecurity.

That's why for every bottle of RescueMD that we sell on our website in 2021, we will donate three meals to children, families and seniors struggling with hunger through a cash contribution to Feeding Westchester.

Our small RescueMD team is committed to supporting both your skin health journey and our local community's journey we all look to heal from the scars created by the COVID-19 pandemic.

We are grateful for all of your support and want to encourage you to join us in looking near your homes for opportunities to support those in need.

+ The RescueMD Team

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